Story of Self, Us and Now

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Interns were introduced to the concept of public narrative through a framework by Marshall Ganz.

Marshall Ganz is a senior professor from the Kennedy School of Government at the Harvard University. He is credited with devising the successful campaign for Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Ganz, explains that enabling others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty – requires engaging the heart, the head, and the hands: motivation, strategy, and action. That at the core of this is story telling.

With particular reference to the 2004 Obama speech, Audacity of Hope, at the Democratic National Convention, Ganz explains his concept of Public Narrative in three parts:
story of self image1. Story of Self – who I am, what are my values, my experiences, why I do what I do.  Why I have been called.
2. Story of Us – communicating who we are, our shared values, shared experiences, why we do what we do.  Why we have been called.
3. Story of Now – transforms the present into a moment of challenge, hope and choice.  Urgent challenge to act.
When you hear Obama’s speech, you can clearly identify these three aspects – which is what made that speech and his proceeding campaign a successful one. Ganz designed this approach as a way to learn how to translate our values into action.