Exploring the market for handmade products

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Is there potential to sell handmade and ethical products in Leicester? Arushi, a social enterprise, has partnerships with organisations in India who provide the opportunity for children and women to earn a reliable income in a safe and enjoyable manner through making products. The entire range of products is handcrafted, with their creators investing an exceptional amount of pride and care in their work. These products vary from simple cards to yoga mats and jute photo frames. More importantly, however, the range is created in an ethical manner as it provides a fair salary to its skilled artists as well as a comfortable and safe working environment.

Through my project I aim to conduct market research to understand and evaluate the potential market Leicester offers for ethical products. By building on this information I hope to connect Leicester, Arushi as well as those employed in the process. By enabling reliable, fair and enjoyable sources of income these fragile members of society are saved from having to resort to other more dangerous forms of employment. Young children are protected from harsh working environments and are instead given a chance to express their creativity whilst earning a higher income than otherwise possible. Moreover, this form of income generation is supplemented with complementary tuition, providing these children an opportunity to learn and ultimately unlock their true potential. Women learn key skills such as financial and family planning, helping them on their journey towards the family leaders that they are. Ultimately, this is why I am strengthening Arushi in any way I can; the impact it has had since its inception is massive and its potential is limitless.

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Kishan is a Chakra ’16 Intern working with Arushi.

The views expressed on this blog are those of the Chakra Intern