Meet the Interns

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Hello. I've just finished my A-Levels in Law, Public Services & Sociology. Through this Internship I'm most looking forward to working with diverse and passionate people. This is an opportunity for me to learn more about the local communities and their experiences in Leicester and how they have adapted to an ever-changing British society. Through my project, I strive to explore the relationship between mothers and daughters within South Asian communities to support openness and understanding related to mental health issues.
Hi. I’ve finished my A-Levels in Sociology, Health & Social Care and Law. I have created a lifestyle blog to discuss and share my experiences to guide others to make positive changes in their lives. Through the Chakra Internship I hope to grow as an individual and apply my energy and skills in a useful way. I am excited that my project will focus on understanding the challenges of mental health among young people in Leicester. I will work with local organisations to offer young people better support and promote their well-being.
Hi. I will be starting my final year studying Economics at the University of Nottingham. Having spent my life in Leicester, I have a deep affinity and sense of belonging here. I applied to the Chakra Internship because it offered me a unique opportunity to use my summer well. I will be designing and implementing a sustainable and profitable strategy to develop the retail market for ethical and handmade products in Leicester. Supported by mentors, this experience will allow me to develop and grow our business acumen and character.
Namaste, my name is Suraj. I will be starting my final year studying Politics at the University of Leicester. I am passionate about India and have just returned from there having completed a Public Policy Bootcamp. I am looking forward to the Chakra Internship and being engaged in a project commemorating the contribution of over one million Indians who fought in World War I. I will research and help organise battleground tours and support the development of educational resources and an exhibition to be displayed at community centres nationally. As a young British Indian, it is important for me to explore my identity to understand myself more and make a positive contribution in society.
Hi. I grew up in Kenya and am a first year Bioengineering student at the University of Sheffield. I am keen to explore the ways in which modern engineering can be harnessed to improve healthcare and lifestyle. The Chakra Internship focuses on career growth and development, but also places an equal emphasis on character and community and I find that this lines up very closely with my values. Through my project I aspire to enable technology to help address health issues that particularly affect the British-Indian community. I am excited about making Leicester my home this summer, be it for the temples and community halls, or the fantastic Indian food – I can’t wait to experience it.