Attitude of Gratitude

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Strangely, we prioritise small feelings and even materials because we adapt a short term mind frame which inhibits us from looking and reaching further but sometimes, we come to a point where we take a step out of that which then allows us to become more appreciative of everything we have as opposed to just the smaller things which actually hold no value.

The most recent example I have was when I was speaking to a group of people who I meet up with regularly and discuss topics which affect all of us and this week, we were talking about mass media. This then lead to discussing the NHS, to which I then added my opinion on how slow and unresponsive I find my experiences to have been. The moment I stepped out of a narrow mind and looked at the bigger picture, I almost felt disgraced that I could ever be so ungrateful. I was only able to do this when I was given someone else’s opinion of how if this was a different country, this type of system wouldn’t even exist and it would actually be a lot harder.

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What I was scrutinising, most people in this world only dream of having access to. In this article, I found a man to be comparing his healthcare experiences in the US and the UK and after everything, he still found the NHS to be faster and a lot cheaper.

Should I be criticising the things I do have and be aiming to obtain the latest, upgraded version which would then continue to leave me dissatisfied since I would only want more? Or should I feel comfortable and content which would then allow me to live a happier life appreciating the things I do have and be grateful for what I have been blessed with?

I can’t change how I’ve behaved or the thoughts that I have had but I can change how I see it from this point onwards and I’ve realised I can’t help others if they do not want to be helped but I’ve found that I can raise awareness by just noticing what a privilege it is to be placed where we are. I can only hope that would inspire others to take note and make that change in their lives where they can adapt the quality of gratitude into their lives.

Bijal is a Chakra ’16 Intern working with Lightseekers.

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