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Chakra Internship is a structured 8 week summer programme for British-Indians aged 17-25 to cultivate strong character for personal, social and professional development.

BACKGROUND We live in a time where the drive for professional growth is given more importance than fostering personal strength and character. This viewpoint is deeply ingrained into our culture and choices and as a result we often get lost in the noise and it can be challenging to understand what defines us and how we can apply ourselves to serve a higher purpose – a goal greater than ourselves.

Chakra Intern’s work on a community focussed project which builds the capacity of community organisations. Through the personal development programme, Intern’s cultivate personal growth through self awareness.

Chakra firmly believes that young people want to contribute more time, energy and thought to society and provided with the right opportunities, they will offer the drive and leadership to meet both current and future needs. We want to invest in the capacity of both the individuals and the community.


The internship will require that you make a full time commitment throughout its duration and actively engage in all aspects of it – we believe this is what it takes to develop. The individual components are designed to support you and enable you to gain the most out of the process, to build understanding and strength.


1. Community Action Project

You will apply for a community-focused project based on your interests and will be expected to deliver real tangible outcomes by the end of the internship. The projects will require a high level of entrepreneurial spirit to deliver, but more importantly a determined nature and willingness to learn. You will be challenged from the first day, as well as given the freedom and support to create and deliver a tangible project that will be of value to the Leicester community. Your mentors will support you throughout the process.

2. Personal Development


Weekly workshops will serve as an opportunity to address key practical, personal and academic topics that will be valuable during the programme and serve as a platform to develop new ideas, share challenges and reflect as a group. Workshop activities will be delivered by invited speakers, through exposure visits and personal awareness activities. Participation in the Workshops for the full duration is a mandatory and essential part of the programme.

Personal Time

You will be encouraged to rethink how you use your personal time during the summer internship. The structure creates the opportunity to focus on activities that enable you to develop and therefore requires a high level of integrity and commitment. This includes reading, analysis of current affairs issues, exercise, meditation, community work, helping at home and self-reflection. We have seen that this provides the most long-term value in all aspects of a participant’s life and future development.


Cost Related

Do I need to pay a fee?

No. We value your time.If accepted, we will ask for a fully refunded deposit to confirm your place on the programme. This deposit will be returned to you by the end of the programme.

Will I be reimbursed expenses?

Yes. All programme related expenses will be covered. This includes, travel to and from the trainings, lunch and other allowable expenses. Finance should not stand in the way of your participation in the programme.If you have any other questions contact us at

Time Related

How much time will I need?
The programme lasts 9 weeks. We expect you to be fully engaged Mon-Fri, pretty much all day. The programme, like any other professional environment will require you to maintain high standards.
What if I already have a holiday planned?
It is important that you approach this programme with the commitment that you would a professional internship. However, we understand that your parents may want you to travel with them. Get in touch and we can discuss this. However, we encourage you to make the most of this summer. It will set the trajectory of the way you approach your holidays throughout University and beyond.


Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation. We suggest you find a family/friend of family that will be happy for you to stay over.



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